Boudoir Photographer

I love this genre for many reasons but mostly for what I see it gives to my clients. I believe there is something so beautiful about the female shape; it is truly an art form, and what better way to celebrate that art form than through the very personal genre of boudoir photography.


A session with me is so much more than just pretty poses in pretty lingerie; it is so much more than a photo-shoot ‘for someone else’. These sessions are a very personal, individual journey into self-confidence and empowerment with one goal in mind, to remind you of just who you are. Women spend so much of their time focusing on others, getting caught up in the day-to-day grind of a busy life; they often forget to carve out their ‘me time’.  With that in mind, I’ve designed these sessions to put the focus on you, if even for just an afternoon.


Through our consult and pre-shoot preparation, I'll lay out the foundation of your shoot with you, letting you decide how you would like to be photographed. This is where we talk about your wardrobe, posing, hair and make-up, and to answer any questions you might have so that the day of your shoot, all you have to do is show up; my fabulous stylist and I will take care of the rest.


On the day of your reveal session; when you get to see your beautiful images, you begin to realize that this was not just about seeing yourself in these images, it was so much more about the steps you took to get those beautiful images. I love the process of boudoir photography and I’ve designed my sessions to help women realign the way they see themselves, breaking down the cycle of self-doubt and replacing it with positive self-acceptance. My end goal here is to help you realize you are beautiful just the way you are.

If you are interested in a professional boudoir photography session, contact me today to schedule your consult or to have your questions answered. Also, feel free to head over to my FAQ page for answers to typical questions.