" Beauty Begins the Moment you Decide to Be Yourself "

- Coco Chanel


We all possess a natural, authentic beauty and so, as a portrait photographer, I figured what better way to demonstrate this than to put together a project centered around this very idea. I am calling it CAYR or 'Come As You Are'. I believe every woman (regardless of age), should believe in herself enough to realize she is beautiful just as she is. Don't get me wrong, I love glamour sessions and playing with hair & make-up as much as the next girl but, I wanted this project to be a means to show my clients they are just as beautiful without make-up as they are with. 

This project then, is all about stepping outside your comfort zone, ditching the make-up for an afternoon, and coming in for a fun, no-pressure session. Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and most like yourself (bring a few outfits if you want). We'll play some music, have refreshments, it'll be fun! And, when you come back for your reveal, you will see yourself in a whole new light, the beautiful you that the rest of the world sees.

CAYR Project Description


CAYR Project Description

For the CAYR Project, I will be offering a very special promotion price of $350 (session fee), for the participants of this project. 

(Maggie Rose)


  • A Pre-Shoot consultation where we will discuss how you would like to be photographed. This is your chance to be photographed in whatever makes you feel most beautiful, if that happens to be a ball-gown, so be it. If that happens to be jeans and a tank-top, that's fine too. Think about what makes you feel most beautiful, what what makes you feel most like you;

  • A Custom 1.5-hour photo-shoot;

  • A Private Reveal session where you get to see all your beautiful images AND choose your complimentary print;

    • Your complimentary 11x14 (finished size 16x20) print is a beautiful Fuji Deep Matte print which is mounted and matted with a museum grade v-groove mat (its simply Gorgeous!).

    • A web-resolution digital file of your print is included.

    • Should you want to purchase more of your images, I will extend a $100 credit towards any Album, Folio Box Collection, Wall Art, or Gallery Wall (of course, there is no obligation).

  • VIP* staus; and 

  • Invitation to the Champagne Gala Event where your photo and/or story will be on display (time and location to be determined).

  • Your images and/or stories will be shared on social media so you'll need to be comfortable with that;

  • Other conditions may apply.


About This Project:


What your Project Session Includes:

Other Important Info:

* VIP Status includes priority booking and 50% off sitting fees for all future booked sessions.