"I was approached by a friend asking if I would consider doing a “raw” photo shoot. My first question was, what do you consider raw? She explained to me it was a photo shoot for Come As You Are. No makeup, your hair not done, just raw. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous. But after meeting with Liane and chatting with her about Italy and other things I began to relax. She made me feel welcomed and comfortable. I’ve never considered myself beautiful. I’ve always been self conscious about myself.  But, after seeing the pictures she took, I thought to myself I am beautiful just being “plain”. Without her doing this project I would have never seen myself in a different light. Thank you so much Liane for taking your time and energy to put into this project.  She is very talented and has a wonderful eye when it comes to photography."


- Carrie B.



"We as women in general are our own worst critics, no matter how hard we try, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. I have always struggled with my body image and how I view myself, so being asked to take part in Liane’s CAYR project made me extremely nervous at first. I really was not sure what to expect, but Liane is amazing at what she does and my nerves quickly went away. It did not take long for me to forget that I wasn’t even wearing makeup! The day I was able to see my pictures brought on another set of nerves, but as soon as I saw them I could not believe that they were me. Being a part of this project has allowed me to see myself in a way that I wasn’t able to before and for that I will forever be thankful. I truly hope that my pictures, as well as the ones of the other beautiful women in this project allow for more women to see themselves in a new light. A light of raw, unaltered and natural beauty."


- Maggie Rose


"My friend told me about this great project Liane was doing, which is taking photographs of women with no makeup and asked if I’d be interested in taking part. I said sure, not fully realizing what it would be about and how it would change

how I saw myself.

I would love to say I’m a confident woman. I’m good at being a: wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.  I’m good at what I do in my career for the automotive industry and it isn’t a field for the faint of heart. I'm not good at being myself, just Jan. When I see my face in a mirror I see an aging woman looking back at me.  That’s when the bottom falls out. I judge myself every single day that I’m not what I used to be 10, 20,

or even 30 years ago.

Throwing caution to the wind, I hopped in my car and went to the shoot not knowing what to expect. I’ve never done a professional shoot before. Tell you what, it was fun and funny. Liane is amazing and we had a blast!

She made me feel welcome and relaxed and

excited about this project.

When I got my pictures back, I was nervous (see judging above).  But, to be honest, they’re me right now. 

The feedback from everyone I got is 'that’s so you - beautiful'.  And it is.  And you are so you and so beautiful just the way you are. Thank you, Liane, I can't wait to see

more of the project.

You are a shining light in a dim world."

- Jan 


"Testimonial to come......"


- Christi C..


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