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" If you had asked my younger self what I had thought about tattoos, I would have said that they looked cool, not knowing that for some people they tell a story. And here I am now at 32 years old with 15 tattoos with more ideas in the making! I am a rare breed in my family since I come from a family that tattoos are pretty much non existent. My interest in tattoos started as a way of self expression and personal journal as I'm normally a fairly introverted person. It is also an outlet for me to help with my mental health. Over time I've learned appreciation over artists' different styles and bringing ideas to life through tattoos.


I think one of the best representations that normally begins the conversation about my other tattoos is the one on my left arm with the phrase "You know my name not my story." I think that's a perfect representation of tattoos in general as many people judge or interpret things without knowing a person. I’m always open to discussing my tattoos and this has been a great piece to start the conversation. This beautiful piece as well as the minimalist design located on my sternum was done by Michael Johnson at Tattoo Bill’s.


I have a variety of tattoos ranging from a sugar skull to my newest addition; a large tarantula on my right rib cage. I have the privilege of sharing a tattoo with my best friend. I first had the quote

“She took a deep breath & let it go.” done a quite a few years ago. It was a tattoo that I liked but didn’t love, so a few years ago I had some beautiful roses added by Tyler Hall from Infamous Ink. This is a great tattoo representing not holding on to things and being able to collect yourself and move to the future.


These are just a few of many stories that come from my 15+ tattoos. And just knowing that one person’s rose tattoo may have a completely different meaning than another person’s rose tattoo makes everyone’s story unique!

- Ally


Tattoo Artists:

Michael Johnson, Tattoo Bill's

Tyler Hall, Infamous Ink:

Tattooed You Project Participant
Tattooed You Project Participant
Tattooed You Project Participant


"I got my tattoos because I am a very artistic person and I love the idea of turning memories and things that are meaningful & important to me, into pieces of art that I can admire forever"

- Madeline

Tattoo Artists: Jonathon Pope (@jptat2artist) &

Thomas Harkness (@forthwith)

Tattooed You Project Participant

"The story behind the squid is that my favorite book is Sphere by Michael Crichton, in which a giant squid is representative of what we manifest through our subconscious thoughts, which can be potentially dangerous when we allow them to be negativeThe squid reminds me that every thought has the potential to manifest in some form, so it is important to keep

 my thoughts in


with what I want

and to 

discipline the mind

to think more


- Emily

Tattoo Artists:

Justin Carpenter



Tattooed You Project Participant
Tattooed You Project Participant

Who's Up Next?

Who's Up Next?

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