Family Photographer

I know how difficult it is to take a family photo. Whether you’ve grown up in a big family or whether you’ve got a small family of your own, it’s always a challenge to get everyone to stand still for long enough! But, at the same time, we all know how precious family photos can be. As time passes, they are a testimonial of the old days and the time when everybody got together. As such, I have chosen to give you priceless memories as a family photographer.


A lot of my clients wonder what makes their professionally-taken family photo so unique. The answer is measured in compliments. Imagine a photo of you and your children that hangs in the entryway and welcomes your visitors. You can be sure that every single visitor will comment on the beauty of the family portrait! Additionally, you can use your family picture to make a new family announcement, such as sharing your latest updates, for instance. They’re perfect for greeting cards and significant milestones. But, more than ever, your family photo is all about the joy of being together. It’s a candid capture of you, your family and your relatives, and for many, it’s a source of inner strength when life gets a little tough. If you are considering a family portrait, contact LR Morgan Photography to discuss your needs.