• Liane Rene Morgan

Evening Jazz

Despite all the negativity, sadness, and struggle I see in the world right now, there exists those moments when someone reminds me how beautiful this world is. Tonight, one of my neighbors pulled out his saxophone, and played for us all. It was magical.

Everyone sat out on their patios, glass of wine (or whatever) in hand, and just let the soothing sounds of jazz permeate through the neighborhood.

I had been painting a canvas backdrop in my garage (which is currently taped to the floor), and yes, I was covered in paint.

As the music started, I grabbed my camera and headed out to the street, barefoot, paint clothes... yeah, not my best look.

However, it was a welcome break. And for a moment, I forgot about all the craziness of our current situation.

To be able to just sit and enjoy an artist such as this, was truly a gift. Made me realize we take way too much for granted.

He is only 2 doors down from me, I had no idea, I've never heard him play. Before I left I asked if he had a business card, I wanted to make sure he I could tag him in my post here, but surprisingly, he said he did not. I want to give credit where credit is due.

I suspect this will not be the last 'concert' we are blessed with... I'll keep you posted....

Stay safe my friends, and to my neighbor... thank you for sharing your gift on this beautiful evening, you are truly talented.

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