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Front Porch Fotos

A while back I started a project called

'Front Porch Fotos'... It seemed though

as soon as I got started, I had to shift how I approached this project due to 'Stay-at-Home' restrictions. Most were open to the idea of this project, however; I noticed that peoples' views on this whole pandemic environment varied almost as much as people vary. Some were open to it, while others thought I was contributing the spread (lol). While I don't agree with that, I do respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion (whatever that might be).

The truth is, getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine is not only good for us, it's essential for our emotional well-being, especially right now.

To me, this project is not about replacing regular family portrait sessions with a front porch session and my 70-200 lens.

This project was about documenting this time; about telling a story of how this situation has forced all of us to rethink how we navigate through our daily activities and re-align our priorities. One day, we'll all look back at this time and when we do, there should be images there to remind us of what we went through.

These images are of my good friend Da-Nay Macklin, her husband Chris, and daughter Mikayla. In the midst of this crisis, Da-Nay not only continued to operate her own business from home, Da-Nay International, LLC (http://www.danaymacklin.com), she and her family somehow managed to finish packing up their house, and move to their new place. Clearly demonstrating some serious organizational and logistics skills! I should probably take notes.. ... ...

Best of luck on your new place Da-Nay!!

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