• Liane Rene Morgan

The 50 Over 50 Project

This project is all about celebrating women over the age of 50 (50 of them to be exact), in a very special photo shoot experience. This unique group of women account for a significant percentage of our overall population and have made great strides in dispelling age-old myths about age and gender roles. I set out to do this project because I think the women in this demographic have done some amazing things throughout their lives, and I think it's about time they be recognized for it.

Meet Monika, the first of many that will participate in the Project, and hopefully inspire other women to do the same. When she first came to this country, her goal was to earn her citizenship and start her own business. She has accomplished both in unique style. Monika not only has an amazing story to tell, she also happens to be an amazing woman, an inspiration, and I'm proud to call her my very good friend.

In the coming weeks, I'll be posting more images of Monika's big day and her interview so, stay tuned. You're gonna want to hear all about her.

If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, head to my 50 Over 50 Project page to learn more, OR, just drop me a line, I'd love to have you join the Project and tell your story!

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