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The 'Cruise4Kids' Rolling Car Show

This event started as a simple idea by my good friends Kevin and Regina Arndt to put on a 'rolling' car show for the Waxhaw, NC community (because who doesn't love cool cars!). Being that kids are home from school, they thought it would be a great idea to give the kids a show.

Then the idea kinda grew into something amazing as they teamed up with Joey Logano (NASCAR Champion) and his amazing wife, Brittany, in support of the Joey Logano Foundation which provides second chance opportunities for kids in crisis. You can read more about the foundation here.

It was an absolutely gorgeous morning and over 100 cars showed up for the event this past Saturday. Most (or maybe all) participants were from the Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers Club.

There were so many cars, I was scrambling to get pics of all of them. I staked out a few spots in downtown Waxhaw and was running from corner to corner (like playing frogger), trying to find the best spot for photos as they rolled through town.

The rolling car show made its way

through several neighborhoods in and around Waxhaw, entertaining kids of all ages (especially me), in an epic display of hotrods and classic cars.

It was such a blast!

In the midst of all this madness affecting our country right now, it was so refreshing to get my camera in my hands, get outside in the sunshine, and turn my attention to something positive.

Just so you know, we were all adhering to the CDCs social distance requirements during this event, all drivers stayed in their cars, kids waved from their doorsteps. I was actually the only one in downtown Waxhaw except for the occasional runner or biker.

There's still time to make donations for Cruise4Kids If you want, just click here and make sure you put "Waxhaw" or "Cruise4Kids" in the comments section so everyone can see the impact the community has made towards this great cause.

This was indeed an awesome event and I can't wait for the next one. Should be sometime in early May, so stay tuned.

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