I love working on projects. It keeps me busy, fosters creativity, and it's just plain fun. I currently have a few projects ongoing, you can click below to learn more. Interested in being part of my next creative project?

Just contact me and let me know, I would love to hear your ideas and as my way of saying thank-you, you'll walk away with a few of your favorite images from the session, on me!!

The 50 Over 50 Project is all about celebrating amazing women over the age of 50 for all the things they have accomplished. Click the link below to learn more or contact me to learn more and inquire about being a part of the project. 

50 Over 50 Project Participant Charlotte NC



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-come as you are -

CAYR Project Participant Charlotte NC

As women, we tend to compare ourselves to the images we see in magazines, in movies, on billboards; and we use those images to determine our own sense of self worth and value.

We look in the mirror and decide we don't measure up because we don't look like 'those' women. Well, I think it's time we stop doing that and start loving ourselves. You deserve it.

For this project I wanted to do something that would remind women that underneath all the hair & make-up, underneath all the glamour, resides a natural beauty.

The beautiful you that the rest of the world sees, that maybe you do not. Feel free to contact me to if you would like to be part of this super-cool project or you can click the link below to learn more about it.








I think Tattoos are pretty cool and I've seen some that display the talent of some pretty amazing artists. 

Behind the art though, there is always an amazing story and I would like to tell it through photographs.

So I decided to do a project that highlights not only some amazing works of art (on a human canvas), but also honors the amazing stories behind that art. 

I am loving this project and can't wait to see who else has a story they'd like to tell.


(P.S. if you want to be part of the project, just contact me).

Tattooed You Participant Charlotte NC