Senior Picture Photographer

Every parent is proud of their child’s achievements. First step. First word. First day at school. It is a world of firsts, and, as a parent, you want to capture every single one of them. But there is another milestone I can help you with as a senior picture photographer. Senior portrait photography is an important moment in the life of your child. It marks the beginning of their journey as an adult. It’s the last hurrah of childhood, and, if everything goes well, it’s a successful time.


I work with you and your young adult to create a portrait that celebrates everything they’ve accomplished and how much they still will. A professional senior picture can be a tasteful way of channeling their dreams and personality while celebrating their success.


For families, it’s one of the pictures that will live on the mantelpiece for everyone to see. As a senior, it is also an elegant and creative photo you can use to update your social media profiles in a professional manner. After all, future employers will be checking your social profiles soon!

Interested in a senior portrait of your child. Contact LR Morgan Photography or call 704-989-0672.