"Tattoos have a power and magic all their own, they decorate the body but they also enhance the soul."    - Michelle Delio


I think  tattoos are  pretty cool and I've seen some that display the talent of some amazing artists. Behind the art though, there is always a story, and I love stories.


Believe it or not, tattoos date back many thousands of years. In fact, the oldest evidence of human tattoos is believed to be somewhere around 3370 BC to 3100 BC(1). From Iceland to China & Asia, Egypt & Samoa (just to name a few regions), ancient tattooing techniques & tools have been passed down from father to son, and in some cases, are still being practiced today.

Throughout history, the purpose of tattooing may have varied however, what interests me the most is the story behind the tattoo. It is around this very idea that the Tattooed You Project is centered. My aim is to tell that story through photography but also, to take the opportunity to celebrate some amazing local artists who brought those stories to life on a human canvas.

About this Project:

Tattooed You Project Description

The Cost:

For the Tattooed You Project, I will be offering a very special promotion price of $375 ($570 value), for the participants of this project. 


What Your Project Session Includes:

  • A Pre-Shoot consultation where we will discuss how you would like to be photographed. We'll go over wardrobe ideas (styling assistance if you want), hair & make-up (totally optional), and other details;

  • A Custom 1.5-hour photo-shoot;

  • A Private Reveal session where you get to see all your beautiful images AND choose your complimentary print;

    • Your complimentary 11x14 print is a beautiful Vivid Metal print (it's the perfect format for this project!);

    • A web-resolution digital file of your print; and

    • Should you want to purchase more of your images, I will extend a $100 credit towards any Album, Folio Box Collection, Wall Art, or Gallery Wall (of course, there is no obligation).

  • VIP* status; and 

  • Invitation to the Champagne Gala Event where your photo and/or story will be on display (time and location to be determined).

Other Important Information:

  • Your images and/or stories will be shared on social media so you'll need to be comfortable with that;

  • Other conditions may apply.

* VIP Status includes priority booking and 50% off sitting fees for all future booked sessions. 

((1)Authority Tattoo)